We work where others go on vacation!


Embedded in the beautiful Tyrolean landscape, we naturally feel obliged to protect and preserve this nature and resources.


Our production is geared towards sustainability:

- Use of 100% electricity from renewable, clean and CO-free domestic hydropower.

- Permanent checking of the emitted emissions, in close coordination with the environmental authority

- Reuse of industrial water through water cycles

- Pre-treatment of the wastewater on our own site, before it is discharged into the public sewage treatment plant

- Reconditioning of residual dyestuff

- Fleet minimization through economy chassis

- Exclusive use of dyes and chemicals that are certified by OEKO-TEXT® Standard 100 or GOTS.

- Continuous expansion of digital printing technology, which is significantly more environmentally friendly in terms of water consumption, energy and residual ink.


Our employees are important to us!

That is why we strive for job satisfaction and we can proudly say that the majority of our employees have been with us on a long-term basis.


The stuff is organized through a works council that takes care of employees' concerns and is in close contact with management and the social partners.


Our employees are paid at least according to the collective wage.

In addition, we enable working time models that make it possible to combine work and family

and balance work with free time.


It is self-evident, that we train apprentices, because the youth is our future!